How to Maintain Injectable Results Between Appointments

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Botox masterly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but the effects, sadly, have an expiration date. Most recipients begin to see a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles within 24 to 48 hours of treatment. How long these results last depends on how severe your facial lines were, the amount of Botox used, and how your body breaks down the Botox protein that disables muscle contraction.

Getting the most out of your Botox injections is the goal of both Botox providers and recipients. Are you one of the many wondering how to make Botox last longer between appointments? If so, read on to learn seven ways to extend the age-defying effects of Botox.

Shield your skin from UV Light Exposure

The sun is a dangerous environmental force. Just as you protect your skin from it on a daily basis with moisturizer and SPF lotion, consider preserving the life of any Botox injections by avoiding UV exposure. According to research, UV exposure causes cellular inflammation which damages collagen proteins and increases free radicals–none of which preserve your youthful appearance. Watch out for blue light (computer screens) dangers as well. Blue light has been shown to trigger low-level skin inflammation.

Strive for a Healthy Balance of Rest and Exercise

Inflammation accelerates the breakdown of natural proteins. When you exercise you speed up your metabolic rate which causes you to break down the Botox protein and neurotoxins faster. While exercise is essential for healthy living, striving for a balance of rest and activity will help you extend the Botox concentration in your system.

Avoid Smoking and Eat Healthy

Pre-mature aging and skin exposure are often talked about. But choosing to smoke or eat unhealthily can be just as damaging if not more so. Nicotine from cigarettes narrows your blood vessels and the nutrient pathways for your skin. Providing those essential nutrients is a byproduct of smart nutritional choices. Strive to include more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet to stay on top of what your skin and body require.

Incorporate Collagen-Stimulating Skin Care Products

Botox is powerful in and of itself but it is made even more powerful when the skin is stronger. Strong skin helps it resist folding which leads to find lines and wrinkles. Skin care products that are designed to boost collagen production strengthen your skin and help your Botox results to look stunning for longer.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

We’ve talked about inflammation already, and how it affects the health of your skin, but we haven’t touched on how important skin hydration is. Improving the longevity of your Botox treatment focuses on decreasing sources of inflammation. Ensuring that your skin stays hydrated is key for reducing cellular inflammation. The amount of inflammation your skin contains will directly impact how quickly your body breaks down the Botox protein. Moisturize your skin regularly, and makes sure you drink sufficient water daily, to help your skin stay properly hydrated.

Use an Antioxidant Serum Daily

Prevent free radical skin damage to your skin (and Botox proteins) by shielding yourself from their onslaught with antioxidant serums. Topical antioxidants protect your skin from environmental pollution and the sun damage. Use antioxidants to keep free radical damage at bay and your Botox at play!

Reduce the Stress in Your Life

Stress increases your body’s levels of cortisol which can trigger acne, reduce elastin production, and augment muscle tension. Common areas that react to our stress levels are the forehead and brow area—a common Botox treatment zone. Dermatologists agree that working to keep your stress levels down can help you look and feel younger. Increased cortisol production negatively impacts the Botox proteins in your body causing them to break down more easily. Practice mindful mediation and other remedies to reduce the stress in your life to look and feel better!

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