Four Signs of Aging Skin

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Do you want smooth, wrinkle-free skin that looks years younger? Watching our bodies change as we age can be distressing, especially if we don’t understand what we are seeing. Understand what four common signs of aging are and what you can do to prevent them! Own your look today by empowering yourself with knowledge and modern science.

Damage from UV Light Exposure: Sun Spots, Tightness, Wrinkles

Sun exposure is essential for sustaining human life, but too much can be a bad thing. Ultraviolet light can wreak havoc on skin cells, reducing their ability to sustain your youthful appearance. Sun spots, skin tension, and wrinkles are a direct result of too much direct sun exposure and not enough sun protection. Wisely balance the amount of time you spend in the sun and when you know you will be in it for prolonged periods, wear a hat and sunscreen.

Eye, Mouth, and Forehead Wrinkles

Throughout your lifetime, the muscles in your face contract as you eat, drink, speak, and communicate with others. Skin that is dry, undernourished, or unprotected from UV exposure can start to show the signs of excessive use with wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and forehead. Forestall these noticeable effects of aging by committing to daily moisturizers, a balanced diet, proper water consumption, and regular sunscreen use.

Facial Growths and Bumps

Your skin is your largest bodily organ. As you age, it starts to show signs of wear just like other areas of your body and system. In some, skin breakdowns appear on the face in the form of growths, lumps, and bumps. Consult with your dermatologist whenever a new facial growth or mark appears. While most facial growths are benign, some can be cancerous or indicate a more serious problem/condition.

Thinning or Pigmented Skin

The thinning of the skin is another common symptom of aging. As you age, the amount of collagen and elastin your body manufactures diminishes. The result of this is less skin that takes on a more translucent, thin appearance.

Proteins that kept your skin smooth, plump, and robust also become less abundant. Years of sun and environmental exposure can begin to surface in the form of skin discoloration, spots, and bumps.

Melanin, the pigment that forms your skin color impacts how your skin ages. Those with less melanin (lighter-skinned individuals) will be more prone to age spots and skin discolorations.

Anti-Aging Skin Treatments

Modern anti-aging treatments can be started in your 20’s so you can age on your own terms. But older patients can also experience a more youthful appearance with the use of neurotoxinsdermal fillers, and in-office treatments.

As one of the nation’s number one med spas, AspiraBody’s team of medical experts will create a personalized anti-aging treatment plan to help you achieve your beauty and wellness goals!

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