Can Dermal Fillers Make Me Look Younger?

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It is no secret that the human body goes through many changes over time. As we age, our facial features may become thinner and less defined which can make us look older than what was initially expected of someone in their 20s or 30s. However, there are ways to prevent wrinkles from forming on your face and restore facial volume through medical treatments such as dermal fillers! These products contain collagen protein and hyaluronic acid, so they promote tighter skin by giving it more volume where needed most. Skip surgery and invasive cosmetic treatments and experience the power of dermal fillers instead!

The Power of Aging is in Your Hands

Does the reflection in your mirror leave you feeling powerless against the clock? Do you want the power to turn it back whenever and however you choose? Dermal fillers have the power to take years off your appearance by restoring lost facial volume and plumping areas that have thinned due to changes from advancing age. Let’s take a look at how dermal fillers achieve all of this.

How do Dermal Fillers Work?

Dermal fillers are the newest, most advanced cosmetic enhancement for your skin. These soft injections work by boosting your skin’s natural supply of hyaluronic acid which adds volume to the skin, immediately reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Dermal fillers don’t just add volume to your skin, they also correct problems like marionette lines that form below the outer corners of one’s mouth and Crow’s Feet around one’s eyes.

These injections work on everything from vertical lines between brows, acne scars, and lip lines–all without any downtime or risky side effects!

Are All Dermal Fillers the Same?

Dermal fillers are NOT all the same. They differ both in chemical makeup and in application. They offer different degrees of softness and vary in longevity. Certain fillers are appropriate for treating the lips while others are not. Your doctor will determine with you the best type and volume of filler you require to accomplish your beauty goals.

How Can I Set Myself Up for Success with Dermal Fillers?

The best way you can set yourself up for success with dermal fillers is to be selective about who you choose to administer your cosmetic treatment. Choose board-certified doctors or dermatologists for best results. Partnering with an experienced, and licensed medical provider for your cosmetic treatment will help ensure that you understand all your options and achieve your individual goals.

Treatment begins with a comprehensive consultation to outline what areas you want to have treated. Depending on the area, your doctor can then provide the proper dermal filler and discuss the quantity and frequency of applications to achieve and maintain your youthful appearance.

AspiraBody offers the best dermal filler injections on the market, delivered to you by the best doctors in the area! Enhance your appearance today with the power of dermal fillers. Age on your terms! Contact AspiraBody today to book an appointment!


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