Top 5 Reasons to Try Coolsculpting® Elite

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CoolSculpting® Elite is a revolutionary technology that has been gaining traction in recent months. This new procedure offers the same body contouring capabilities as traditional CoolScultping®, but it has been updated to cover more areas at once to amplify your results! Unlike other procedures that require surgery or anesthesia, this cool treatment requires little-to-no downtime so you can get back into daily activities right away. And it is FDA approved, non-surgical, and non-invasive—getting rid of stubborn fat has never been easier! Read on to discover the top five reasons you should give CoolSculpting Elite a try.

20 Percent More Stubborn Fat Reduction

Traditional CoolSculpting is a powerful tool against stubborn fat deposits. CoolSculpting Elite takes it a step farther, offering 20-25 percent more fat reduction. This is due in part to the two applicator system that allows for more fat freezing in less time. The removable applicator heads also give your medical esthetician the ability to perform more treatments at once.

Applicators are More Efficient and More Comfortable

CoolSculpting Elite combats stubborn fat with improvements in its applicator design that allow your medical esthetician the ability to treat nine areas with more precision and efficiency.

The new and improved Elite applicators are C-shaped, instead of U-shaped, which better fits the body’s natural curves. The treatment is more comfortable with this design because it doesn’t apply pressure on one spot for an extended period of time like before.

18 Percent More Skin Surface Coverage

The new C cup design of CoolSculpting Elite, and its dual applicators, permits more tissue contact with each treatment and more suction. The new engineering also augments the cooling process resulting in faster treatment times. (Two areas can be treated simultaneously. Practices that incorporate two machines can treat four areas in a 35-minute session!)

Tried and True Fat Freezing Technology

CoolSculpting Elite is the byproduct of over a decade of research, application, and technology offering users greater peace of mind that their investment is safe and reliable. The Elite system is more modern, more space-saving, and incorporates premium fat reduction technology. Experience fat reduction with the power of controlled cooling that targets and freezes portions of your fat cells so that they never return.

Quieter Machine = More Relaxing Experience

CoolSculpting Elite was engineered to operate more quietly than its predecessor. The quieter operation of the Elite allows treatment to be more relaxing and soothing for all. Patients can experience all the benefits of liposuction or surgical treatments for fat loss but with none of the pain, post-treatment downtime, and stress of these more invasive procedures.

AspiraBody’s team of medical experts are dedicated to delivering the best fat reduction options available to our Massachusetts’ clients. Eliminate areas of stubborn fat that have been resistant to diet and exercise with your own personalized CoolSculpting treatment plan. State-of-the-art technology, coupled with medical estheticians that are licensed and experienced with the latest CoolSculpting treatment methods, will get you the results you want on your terms!

Contact us to schedule a CoolSculpting Elite consultation today at 774-322-9855!


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