Achieve Your Body Goals with Cellulite Reduction Treatment and Body Contouring

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What if you could get rid of stubborn fat while toning up all at the same time? Well, body contouring and cellulite reduction therapies are here to do just that! Body contouring can help redefine your shape through non-invasive procedures such as CoolSculpting and EMSculpt. Read on to learn more about how to select the perfect option based on your goals to achieve your optimal results!

What is Cellulite Reduction Treatment?
Cellulite reduction treatment offers the latest technology in laser procedures that break down cellulite. Most people find they can achieve their body goals with just a few sessions of this minimally invasive procedure. Eliminating excess cellulite can help restore your self-confidence in your physical appearance.

Many women experience some form of cellulite on their thighs or buttocks, and studies show most men aren’t immune either. Unfortunately, certain factors such as genetics and hormonal imbalances cause most people to be predisposed to developing cellulite, but thankfully there are things you can do to reduce its appearance.

How Effective is Cellulite Reduction Treatment?
Cellulite reduction treatment has proven to be very successful for most people, and practitioners recommend it as the first line of defense against cellulite. Results such as leaner thighs and hips, more toned skin, and reduced dimple appearance can often be obtained in just a few sessions. And while experts agree that multiple treatments will be necessary for optimal results, you’ll quickly discover that your new, sleek silhouette isn’t an unattainable goal with these advanced techniques.

What Areas of the Body Can Cellulite Reduction Treatment Target?
Cellulite reduction treatment can be used on any area of the body where fat deposits and dimpled skin are prevalent. Most people choose to target their thighs, hips, butt, abdomen, and upper arms with the procedure, but you can choose to have cellulite reduction treatment wherever you want.

How Long Does Cellulite Reduction Treatment Take?
Cellulite reduction treatments usually take between forty-five minutes to an hour for each targeted area of the body. Most individuals will need repeated sessions over a period of three months to achieve optimal results.

Body Contouring with EMSculpt
With its noninvasive EMS technology, EMSculpt directly stimulates the body’s own cells to regenerate new collagen and elastic tissue. This increased volume is what makes these results visible. Additionally, because there are no incisions or injections involved in the treatment, recovery time is significantly reduced.

The application of this low-level current causes fibers to contract which then induce a healing response that accelerates the body’s natural ability for self-repairing and rejuvenating collagen production. Over time, these procedures help rebuild and rebalance muscle tone and contours as well as firming and strengthening skin resilience on treatment areas.

Body Contouring with CoolSculpting
Body contouring with CoolSculpting is the current body sculpting therapy of choice. Localized cryogenic therapy improves appearance with zero downtime or hospital stays.

CoolSculpting is completely different from liposuction, as no surgical incisions and no anesthesia is needed. This makes it an excellent alternative to liposuction and provides a very affordable option in comparison. The FDA-approved CoolSculpting procedure became available in the United States back in 2009 and has been helping slim down individuals ever since. Studies also show that CoolSculpting is a powerful tool for reducing cellulite.

Get the Body You Want Now!
The bottom line is this, you CAN sculpt your body into your desired shape and form with the help of these amazing technologies. Skip the frustration and disappointment of time spent trying to rid your body of stubborn fat. Proven clinical testing has shown that these body contouring methods are not only effective but safe and long-lasting.

Enjoy the convenience of body contouring treatments that use natural processes to eliminate fat without overly stressing your body. Schedule a consultation today to get started! Non-surgical treatments empower you with the tools you need for fat reduction and attractive body lines without the recovery time of treatments of the past. Contact ASPIRAbody today at 774-322-9855 to schedule your consultation and to learn how body contouring will help you achieve your aesthetic goals!


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